I partner with organizations and businesses in the film, art, and cultural sectors to provide high-quality translations of their texts.

Prior to launching my communications business, I worked in the film and cultural industries for fifteen years. This means that I have a thorough understanding of the unique characteristics and challenges of these sectors. I translate a wide range of documents, including:

  • Film synopses, treatments, and screenplays
  • Website copy, marketing materials, and press releases
  • Grant applications and funding requests
  • Artist statements and biographies
  • Museum wall texts, exhibit guides and catalogs

Many of my translation clients also rely on my editing services to improve the readability of their texts, notably for documents written by individuals for whom English is an additional language (non-native English writers).

Additionally, I offer comparative editing services, which means that I revise English translations of French and German texts to ensure that the translation is faithful to the original text.