Is your message clear?

I make sure that your message is communicated effectively, enabling you to present yourself with confidence and professionalism and setting you up for communication success!

As your editor, I ensure that the concepts are clearly expressed, that the structure is coherent, that the style used is consistent, that the tone is appropriate to your target reader, and that the copy is free of grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation errors. I value the use of plain language and apply its principles when appropriate.

I edit a variety of texts—from children’s books to government reports to marketing collateral—including documents written by individuals for whom English is an additional language (non-native English writers). I also offer comparative editing, which means that I revise English translations of French and German texts to ensure that the translation is faithful to the original text.

A note on proofreading: clients often ask me to proofread their work, when in fact they mean copyedit. Proofreading is the final stage of the editing process: after a document has been copyedited—which removes grammar, punctuation, and syntax mistakes—it is then proofread to remove any typos and minor errors that may have slipped through previous edits. I offer proofreading services when appropriate.